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“Collecting Likes is like being rich in Monopoly!
Focus on real goals in Social Media!”

Social media has long since grown out of its infancy. Not only followers and a larger reach are measured variables, but in the end leads and higher sales count. It is our mission to focus on real corporate goals with all planned measures for our customers.
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On which channels is your target group actually active?

There are plenty of channels for your messages: Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest and Xing or LinkedIn, to name only the most common ones… 

But through which channels do you reach your target groups? What is the perfect social media marketing mix for your company?   

Networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Co.

  • Facebook is still the most used social network in the western world. This means an enormous potential, but at the same time the competitive pressure is higher than on other social networks.
  • Instagram’s interaction rates are particularly high compared to other networks. Basically, Instagram maintains a comparatively young and lifestyle-affine target group. 
  • For B2B companies, depending on the company, LinkedIn, Xing or even Twitter are particularly suitable. But Facebook or YouTube can also be profitable for B2B addresses. We support you in the selection process of suitable networks for your individual company. 

YouTube and Social Video Marketing

  • Videos are faster, more direct, more entertaining and convey greater proximity to the sender than mere text.
  • Platforms like YouTube were invented for social video sharing. But other social networks are also following suit and showing where the journey is heading. These include Facebook Live, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch or now also the classic picture networks with e.g. Instagram TV and Pinterest videos.

We maintain an overview of the social media landscape

The range of social media services on offer is diverse, constantly changing and new ones are constantly being added. This means that the demands on companies are constantly changing. We are always looking for new suitable channels, test and educate ourselves to be able to advise you ideally.

We accompany you from A to Z:

In the selection of the right KPIs as well as in the creation of the social media concept, the selection of platforms, content, communication and interaction rules up to the workflow in channel maintenance and in postings, interactions and reactions. We integrate the right tracking to run meaningful testings and implement meaningful ongoing optimizations. 

Concretely we advise you competently on the following topics:

Our services in detail

The right social media strategy

Facebook, Instagram & Co. is not just about promoting your services. Rather, these communication channels are used by customers to inquire, exchange information and express criticism. Don’t close yourself off from this openness, use it with the right strategy to grow your business.

We help with the planning of the entire appearance through knowledge about the platforms, input for possible actions, help with the planning and implementation as well as the facilitated process through our tool of choice:

New conception or analysis and further development of existing appearances

A presence in social networks should be carefully planned and thought through. If a presence already exists, we analyse it for interaction figures, real KPIs, best practices, the planned visual and textual content, examine competitors including successes and make recommendations for the revision of your presence.

New appearances can also be planned in advance and, depending on the platform, developed in draft mode or in an external document or layout planner.

Furthermore, we will jointly develop a guideline for the visual handling of the performances: In which formats and minimum sizes are pictures or videos posted? Which optical features or recognition elements must they contain? Which wording and which hashtags are defined for which types of posts and for which platforms?

Definition of suitable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your business objectives

Do my social media activities pay off? In which areas are there successes? Where should the measures be expanded? Our reports contain secondary metrics on viewer engagement such as likes, shares or retweets depending on the platform. They support the corporate goals and are a first indicator whether the campaign is moving in the right direction. But our focus is on the data that defines your goals:

  • Leads
  • Registrations
  • Statements
  • Sales figures

… that were supported or initiated by the Social Campaign.

The naturally given proportion of non-trackable conversions or users can best be put into perspective by comparing the previous month’s and previous year’s figures.


Their performance figures say the most when they are put into perspective. To do this, you not only use one, but other values, e.g. in addition to defined conversions (such as registrations), reach of the posts and traffic increase through social networks. Only then does a key figure become a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which allows a statement about the efficiency of a measure.

Creation of / advice on relevant content

On the content level we create – depending on the topic in cooperation with you – exciting topic series and articles. Not only really good content, posted with the right timing, can attract attention, but also picking up on trends can create an upswing. In doing so, the content must be tailored to the target groups. 

In order to achieve this, you need to post regularly and with stable quality, as well as show a quick and appropriate response to customer feedback or criticism. You need interesting topics, good stories, different formats and systematic testing so that you can focus on measures that work.

An editorial plan and drawer posts also provide enough lead time for the development of ideas, effective implementation and the necessary overview of the overall picture.

Consulting on community management for long-term customer loyalty

As soon as you reach a certain level of awareness, users will exchange information about you without being asked. This phenomenon brings many benefits to your business, but it also requires you to look, interact and show a certain sensitivity for the community and its needs. 

You as a company should not only be represented on the Social Web in order to keep an eye on possible criticism and to be able to refute it at an early stage. With well-done community management you have the chance to be closer to your customers and to bring your company forward as a strong, likeable brand. This also includes an intensive exchange with fans by linking, sharing or commenting.

Posting, seeding and interaction management

Together with you, we determine in which cases and in which framework you want to post, share and interact, and we integrate meaningful testing. In addition, we work together to create a process and action plan for various interaction scenarios, assign responsibilities and help with the technical setup for smooth operation. All responsible persons are thus able to act and react quickly and without queries. Social Ads for faster success While social media is well suited for customer retention and brand building due to its interactive nature, interest-based advertising, a form of social ads, offers great potential for new customer acquisition. The combination offers good opportunities for scaling and both complement each other perfectly in many cases.

Monitoring the dialogue in the network and measuring success

By constantly monitoring the social media landscape in relation to your company and the competition, you can identify critical issues at an early stage and counteract any negative spread in good time with an appropriate response. With the right setup, the monitoring can be carried out in a time-saving manner. Ongoing optimization of the strategy Your profiles should be kept up-to-date in social media. In addition, every appearance should keep its finger on the pulse of the times. This includes new best practices as well as new formats and possibilities or using new platforms. Functioning measures can save a lot of time automatically and the workflow has to be checked for effectiveness and optimized again and again in practice.
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Integrated social media activities can also be used for SEO measures

A skilful use of social media brings significant benefits not least for your SEO or PR goals. Conversely, PR and SEO actions can also be taken up again in the social media presence. For example, corporate blogs are not only interesting for existing customers, they also have a positive effect on search engine rankings and are very suitable for sharing in social networks. We systematically look for possible synergy effects between the individual channels and measures. In this way, the measures support and complement each other, the effect can increase strongly on all channels.

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