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Are you looking for a trustworthy partner for your search engine optimization? At SEO Bavaria you will get consulting and services that will help your business to grow.

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“SEM is our most important online marketing element”


SEM = search engine marketing

SEO = search engine optimization

SEA = search engine ads

When does SEO take you further?

You have an ingenious product or a great website, but hardly anyone knows you? You are not among the top 5 in the search results? Success of your business and search engine optimization go hand in hand. By adapting your website to the complex requirements of Google & Co. you will improve your ranking in the long run and become visible to your customers on the net. To get ahead here, a well thought-out SEO strategy is necessary. You become a brand and gain a leap of faith.

With a customized SEO strategy to the constant new customer source of your website

With sustainable search engine optimization on the first places: Our search engine experts analyse your website and design the appropriate SEO strategy based on the status quo and your goals.

Sichtbarkeitsindex in der Suchmaschine

We know how to bring your website to the top and also to keep it there. Through regular training and conferences we are always up to date with the latest SEO requirements and possibilities.

The advantages of professional SEO support:

  • Optimize from the beginning with a clear strategy and achievable goals
  • More attention, greater visibility and reach on the Internet with minimal wastage
  • Avoid unnecessary loss of visitors to your competitors and thus secure conversions and leads
  • Increased turnover for your company
  • In the long run more success and “free” visitors via Google
  • Strengthen your company as a brand in the long term and secure market shares against the competition
  • No unnecessarily high costs for click prices on Google Ads at equal or better positions, by improving the Google Quality Score (a value that Google Ads assigns to a page and ad to define how well it matches a search query)


„Search engine optimization grows like a healthy, strong tree with a good breeding ground, sufficient care and enough time. Then you only need to harvest its fruits.“

What is true for a healthy tree also applies to the visibility of your website on Google. Neither overfertilization nor long periods of drought will do your harvest any good. It is important to implement the right measures with the right timing. This requires patience, observation, tact and a lot of experience.

Unlike search engine advertising, organic search engine optimization takes longer to achieve initial success and requires a continuous process of improvement. On the other hand, the results are more long-term, usually cheaper and even after a short interruption or pause in the measures, your website visibility is usually maintained. Therefore it is very rarely a single marketing measure. Search engine optimization usually represents a continuous marketing discipline that should be pursued for years.

Our procedure:

  • In the run-up we analyse your website, show optimization potentials and get a holistic overview of the actual state of the market situation, possible search terms, your target groups and the dominant competitors.
  • Together with you, we set ourselves logical and achievable SEO goals and create an individually tailored action plan.
  • We then define to-do’s together with you, the responsibilities are determined and we set up the appropriate monitoring.
  • During the entire term of the project, you will receive (on request) regular reports and suggestions for further fine-tuning of the measures in order to achieve maximum benefit from the optimizations.

Our SEO consulting services in detail

OnPage activities

The OnPage optimization is the first step to a successful ranking of your website. However, building up content alone is not enough to convince search engines of the value of your site: structure and internal linking, technical SEO, such as measures to improve loading time, mobile friendliness or cleaning up the source code, is essential.

Depending on the resources in your company, we create concepts and provide advice, write a step-by-step guide to rebuild your site (including control of changes and support) or carry out the changes for you.

SEO Optimierung | SEO Bavaria
Social Media Marketing und Ads

OffPage activities

OffPage optimization is the building of links to external pages for a website. Without qualified external links it is still practically impossible to achieve first-class rankings in competitive markets. At the same time, getting the right links and staying away from spam has never been more important. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on how to set up backlinks, give you tips on the right approach or take over the ongoing setup and monitoring for you.

Relaunch consulting

A relaunch offers many opportunities, but also carries risks if Google is not considered. After such a relaunch, websites often lose almost all of their painstakingly compiled rankings. They have to start from scratch again and fight hard to regain Google’s trust. However, this loss can often be avoided with just a few hours of SEO consulting. In order that you don’t have to accept ranking losses and traffic slumps, we offer targeted search engine optimization consulting before, during and after the relaunch.

Monitoring und Reporting von online advertising
SEO Optimierung | SEO Bavaria


For online shops, good findability in search engines is the be-all and end-all. Nowhere else does visibility have such a direct and measurable effect on sales as in the field of e-commerce. We advise you individually, from the question of which shop system is best for you to all questions about which SEO factors need to be considered for online shops and your niche. We help you to continuously attract more visitors to your shop via Google’s unpaid web search. With our help, many webshops and companies have already increased their turnover and awareness.

First aid for ranking losses and penalties

A sudden de-indexation, penalty or painful loss of ranking can have many causes. In most cases the result is the same: the crash has immediate, significant, negative effects on your business. We have years of experience in finding the causes and we will promptly initiate measures to bring your website back to the top quickly.

Monitoring SEA
Monitoring und Reporting der Social Ads

Reporting and development

Depending on the objectives, we create a tracking concept in line with the latest data protection requirements and set up the tools for the measurements. According to your needs and wishes, you will receive a monthly or quarterly overview of the current status of search engine optimization. This allows you to continuously monitor the strategy, react quickly to changes and, if necessary, readjust at certain points.

Our goal is your success: Therefore, as an SEO agency we are at your side if you need our know-how, our many years of experience or valuable tips & tricks. Secure the future of your company as well as the visibility of your website in search engines. Tap into attractive new customer groups, overtake your competitors by improving the rankings of important search terms and build a strong brand.

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