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With a clear focus on your message, high usability and search engine optimization from the beginning in a great, modern design – that’s what you can expect from us with a website. We are a team of passionate creatives, web designers and SEOs based in Passau. Together with our partners we develop the ideal web design and build the convincing appearance for your company.

Your individuality should also be reflected on your homepage. The first impression of your potential customers is formed in only 0.150 seconds, this short moment decides on success or failure of your website. Therefore your website must load quickly, look ideal on all devices (responsive design) and all elements must be perfectly usable.

Implemented web design projects

LBS Bayern

Online Property valuation

Get a quick and sound valuation of a property with LBS property valuation. The website is very clear thanks to a clear visual subdivision of the various contents and a generous white space.

MAC Jeans

Modern shop design

Together with 1drop, we have been looking after the website appearance of mac-jeans.com, which is based on the content management system of Shopware, for many years.

Japan Film Festival Hamburg

Design Originals

With the help of the open source content management system Neos an individual website for the Japanese Film Festival in Hamburg could be created.


Clear structure and clarity of the online presence.

With the help of WordPress we carried out a complete redesign for the European market leader for bent wire parts and coat hangers.

*We carry out extensive projects in cooperation with 1drop

In the following you will find the different systems and possibilities. What they all have in common is the separation of layout and content: content can be added, changed or removed at will without changing the design of the website. If a new layout is selected for the website, the already inserted content will appear in the newly selected template.

Do you simply want to present your company online without setting up your own online shop? Then read our advantages and disadvantages of common CMS.

Web design for corporate websites:

Content-Management-Systems as TYPO 3, Drupal or WordPress


  • Widespread: WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems today and more and more companies are discovering the system for their website. Accordingly, there are many free or cheap plugins, a large community and for most problems already a solution.
  • Intuitive: Simple and intuitive user interface of the backend also for companies.
  • SEO-friendly: WordPress and search engine optimization - the perfect couple! Numerous settings can be made to easily and effectively take care of SEO.
  • Cost-effective website maintenance: If the content needs to be adapted from time to time, this can usually be done by someone who is familiar with the backend, no programming skills are required. So there are usually less costs for maintenance than with a self-programmed site.
  • Individual user administration: Several user accounts with different rights can be created. Simultaneous editing is also possible.
  • Automation of processes: The CMS takes over labor-intensive processes such as scaling images to the correct size or the logical derivation of URLs for you.
  • Easy extensibility: A large number of extensions and plug-ins can be integrated economically and quickly and "grow" with the requirements.
  • Restricted design of the functionalities of a website: Due to the fixed structure of a CMS there is less room for individual solutions, although this is quite possible by rewriting plugins etc.
CMS WordPress Webentwicklung bei SEO Bavaria CMS Joomla Webentwicklung bei SEO Bavaria CMS Typo3 Webentwicklung bei SEO Bavaria

Individually tailored to your company: JavaScript, PHP or HTML pages from professionals

Do you absolutely need a web designer/programmer to create a professionally designed homepage? In the following you will learn when it makes sense to have a static website programmed and which advantages and disadvantages this choice offers:


  • Full control: Freedom of choice about the website - and where it is hosted.
  • Timing for changes: If changes to the content or updates are to be made, I can determine the timing myself and do not have to wait for the update cycle of the CMS.
  • Original and exceptional: There are no limits, no boundaries or restrictions. Especially for SEO or special design ideas, a hand-created site offers the right possibilities.
  • Speed: HTML pages are usually loaded much faster, as unnecessary plugins and installations are avoided.
  • Costs: Depending on the scope of the project, setting up the website can be more expensive.
  • Maintenance: Often the maintenance is more complex, because for example security holes have to be fixed by yourself, instead of just clicking on Update like in a CMS.
  • Learning effort and website maintenance: If you have changing products or pages, it can be very time-consuming to maintain them. Such changes are often faster and cheaper with a CMS.

Which shop system fits to your online shop?

Shop systems are a dime a dozen. Besides Presta, Magento and Oxid, the most frequently used systems are Shopware and WooCommerce for WordPress. In the following you will find a comparison:

Shop-Webdesign with WordPress and WooCommerce


  • Quick setup via the WooCommerce wizard.
  • Cost-effective: High scalability and low shop costs compared to other shop systems
  • Able to integrate: For WooCommerce there are numerous connections to accounting systems, POS systems and merchandise management systems.
  • Customizable and secure: With WordPress there is a large selection of themes and plugins. New security updates are provided quickly.
  • Clarity of the products: Stock levels, availability status or prices can be flexibly and quickly adjusted and added.
  • SEO friendly: To get good SEO results you need an extra SEO plugin like Yoast WooCommerce SEO. With this, Google can be told exactly how the products should be displayed in the search engine.
  • Not made in Germany: WooCommerce was developed in the USA and is therefore not optimised for the German market. However, this can be compensated with a plugin, for example to provide invoice PDFs or VAT information in the right places.
  • Plugin interactions: There may be increased complexity in WordPress installations. The interaction between plug-ins can cause disturbances, which can be kept under control by monitoring.
  • Clarity of the products: Product variants are not globally adaptable and therefore less easy to edit than with shopware.
  • If changes are to be made to the design and functionalities, a programmer must be consulted. (PHP and CSS)


The updates are neither an advantage nor a disadvantage: although shopware updates are much more complex than updates for WooCommerce and WordPress, they are far less frequent.


  • Medium user-friendliness: Less intuitive than WooCommerce and a little technical understanding are necessary, but after a short training phase the maintenance of the backend is feasible.
  • Shopware 6 reminds in handling and the backend layout very much of WordPress and is therefore not only in code but also in usability much better.
  • Customizable and chic design: There is a wide range of modern and responsive templates to choose from, but custom designs not only offer an individual look but also advantages when it comes to adaptability.
  • Integration-capable: Shopware can be connected via many interfaces with local systems such as Datev and various merchandise management systems.
  • Clarity of the products: Product variants, stock levels, availability status or prices can be flexibly and quickly adjusted and added.
  • Price: Depending on the choice of license, the application for medium-sized companies can be in the four-digit range. Even special plugins are often very expensive.
  • SEO Bugs: Problems occur due to some preferences of Shopware. These should be changed at the beginning. Often individualized and time-consuming solutions are necessary.

Do all-in-one modular systems such as 1&1, WIX, Jimdo make sense?

Meanwhile numerous providers of homepage kits are romping around on the market. However, we recommend these systems only to beginners who first want to test whether an online shop or a website is suitable for them at all. As soon as a professional SEO optimization is required, insurmountable problems often occur, as various functions and adjustments are not possible.


  • Easy to use: With a little instruction anyone can use a homepage construction kit - without much technical understanding.
  • Only as a hobby website: For a first test, whether you want to be an online shop operator, they are relatively fast, cheap and easy to set up.
  • Lack of SEO opportunities: SEO measures can hardly be implemented at all, but some providers like Jimdo offer an upgrade for the corresponding extra charge.
  • Not original: There are ready-made themes. There is not much scope for implementing creative ideas.
  • Bugs and quirks: With ready-made modular systems, errors often lurk that laypeople often cannot correct themselves. A good forum and support system are essential.

The choice of system depends entirely on your requirements

Every type of business has different requirements for web design. Online shops need different product configurators and payment modules, technical companies need a comprehensive explanation of their products. In addition, each company addresses a different customer group. The fashion-conscious fashionista expects a stylish and design-oriented appearance from an online shop as well as numerous product filters for e.g. size, colour, design and category. The customers of a mechanical engineering company, on the other hand, want to be convinced of the company’s technical know-how and reliability. Therefore the web design has to transport this image. Content and structure should also be tailored to the target group.

Webdesign and SEO: Without the other it does not work

Practical example: In cooperation with web designers for a perfect relaunch and domain change: The Sistrix visibility index is now more than 10 times higher than before, from 0.10 on the old domain to 1.15 on the new domain.

What has been true for mobile SEO for many years is now also essential for desktop optimization of the website, as most domains have already been switched to the mobile index. The two top factors for successful search engine optimization are the ideal visual presentation and unlimited usability on all end devices, i.e. a responsive web design. In addition, a fast loading time plays a major role in SEO web design. Besides the rankings, the conversions profit from a maximum optimized loading time. 

Correct SEO handling with JavaScript in web design

One of the main reasons why many people use very little JavaScript is that it tends to bloat websites a lot. As a result, JavaScript had a dubious reputation for a long time. Also, there are still heated discussions about the extent to which Google can render JavaScript, crawl and index content. With the update of the Googlebot to Chromium 74, Google is now also able to support modern features on websites such as Infinite Scrolling. It is important to note that tools that support auditing must also have these technologies in order to provide valid data. However, JavaScript is also a feature-rich and useful browser-based script that, when used properly, provides great effects. That’s why we believe in the conscious use of JavaScript and know how to use JavaScript to achieve great results that significantly enhance the end-user experience while still being SEO compliant.

Webdesign and Usability

In addition to an appealing design, the user-friendliness of the website, also called usability, is becoming more and more important, no matter which end device your visitors use to reach your website. Your homepage can be designed according to the most modern aspects, but if the customer does not find his way around, he will also leave frustrated. The best way to develop a website that is easy to use is to place its users at the center of the design process. In order to ensure maximum usability, usability tests can be conducted during the project. First take a look at the most used devices of your customers and visitors in Google Analytics. If many of your users come via mobile devices, conduct the user tests on an iPhone or Android device. This way usability problems can be detected and fixed at a very early stage.

Even many small elements influence the conversion optimization. Here an eye for detail is needed to make your website both appealing in design and target-oriented. Our designers, programmers and partner agencies are well versed in the special field of Conversion Centered Design and can combine design and conversion optimization in an ideal way.

Recognize the importance of good design and be one step ahead of the competition

Web design means for us to combine creativity and ingenuity with your business idea in an optimal way to convince potential customers. Our agency offers you online marketing or SEO and web design from one source. Let us also advise you on the possibilities to put your company in the best light online. An attractive design, appealing layout, responsive web design, user-friendliness and much more are essential to convince your customers of yourself.

Secure your know-how now and get started online

Our professional online marketing team supports companies with their individual projects and goals.

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