SEA optimization: No costs, but investment in calculable profits

“Thomes who stop advertising to save money may as well stop his watch to save time”

Henry Ford
Google Ads und Social Ads Management

Use your budget more effectively for search engine advertising and social ads. As a Google certified ads agency, we help small and medium-sized businesses do this. Extensive experience with the placement of text and display ads as well as Google Shopping Ads, mobile ads and product data marketing complete our portfolio. With our many years of experience in optimizing ads on Google, Bing and various social media platforms, we know what is important to get the most out of your click budget.

Where can your target group best be addressed?

Successful SEA (Search Engine Advertising) does not stop at Google Ads campaigns for us. Our portfolio is complemented by other platforms such as Bing and Amazon as well as ads in the best-known social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Google Ads

As long-standing and certified Google partners, we take care of campaign creation and optimisation in the display and search network, shopping, apps and YouTube. We always rely on the use of the latest technologies. Our portfolio includes companies of all sizes and industries. Therefore we have experience with the support both of accounts of small companies, and of larger enterprises. We live continuous further training and keep close contact with the Google headquarters, in order to be able to react immediately with fast action need.

Google Ads
Bing ads | SEO Bavaria

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are a useful addition to Google Ads, especially in the B2B area: Click prices and conversions are often cheaper and you can reach additional audiences. At Bing, we also support you with a professional setup, optimization and management of campaigns in the Bing search network, display network and Bing shopping.

Amazon Ads

A good complement to organic optimization on the main online marketplace in the western world is Amazon Ads. We support you in the creation and implementation of the optimal Amazon advertising strategy as well as in the use of the right keywords. Formats that match the advertising objective: We use various ad formats such as Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) or Sponsored Products.

Amazon Advertising | SEO Bavaria
Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Ads

From us you will receive comprehensive advice on the optimal Paid Social strategy and implementation on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, depending on the business model and/or target group. Here you have the possibility to combine efficient ads with precise targeting in order to achieve the greatest possible advertising success for you. As your ads experts, we take care of the maintenance, care and optimisation of your ads in order to achieve maximum results at the lowest possible click prices.

YouTube Ads

Enormous range: More and more people are consuming moving images on demand. YouTube therefore ranks second among the most frequently used search engines on the net. We offer you individual advice on formats, design and placements, tailored to your company and your goals.

Youtube Advertising | SEO Bavaria

Recognition of new trends and optimal ad channels

Depending on the business segment or target group, different channels make sense. We advise you and deliver tailor-made services, from setup to complete management. We are focused on identifying new trends at an early stage, testing new, promising formats and integrating them into the strategy in the best possible way. So you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

We take care of all the necessary steps

1. Analysis

If an advertising account already exists: In the analysis we check your already running campaigns and advertisements. On this basis we develop new strategies. We determine the success factors evident from the past in order to optimize your ads based on them and to eliminate the weak points resulting from an error analysis.

2. Strategy implementation

The insights gained from the analysis form the basis for defining the necessary measures for maximum ads success. Your previous experience and current needs also flow into the implementation. It is important to us to always keep our work transparent for you and to implement measures only after your approval.

3. Monitoring and optimization

We make sure that everything runs as desired and are always working on continuous improvement. We then focus on the areas that are running best and look in detail at further measures to which we attribute the greatest leverage in each case. Depending on the agreement, we prepare a detailed and meaningful report at the end of each month. Transparent und fair: Sie erhalten einen detaillierten Leistungsbericht pro Abrechnungszeitraum und bezahlen nur für Leistungen, die wir erbracht haben. Sollte kein Bedarf sein, das veranschlagte Zeitbudget für unsere Leistungen voll auszuschöpfen, fällt die Differenz auch nicht für Sie an.

As a certified Google Ads Agency we offer the following SEA services:

Ads in search and display advertising networks: analysis, setup, optimization, management, support and consulting

Remarketing: reactivation of your site visitors

Video: Planning and implementing your video advertising strategy on Google and YouTube

Smart Bidding and Machine Learning: Testing and using automatic bidding strategies that optimize bids at each auction by machine learning for conversions or conversion value

Google Shopping: support in setting up the shopping campaign and creating the product data feed

Mobile: Planning, implementation and optimization of your mobile ads

Apps: Planning and implementation of your ads on Google for your app

Small numeric example

You own an online fashion store with an average shopping cart value of 120 euros and around 24,000 monthly search queries. Let’s assume a campaign with a budget of 1,000 Euros, which will generate about 1,000 additional clicks on your website. With a well-positioned campaign, we can assume a conversion rate of 4%.

This means that the budget used results in 40 sales and an initial investment of 25,- Euro / sale. This means an additional turnover of 40 x 95 euros and thus 3,800 euros per month.

Deducting your other costs, a calculable, profitable profit remains for you here.

To this end, such a campaign should also intercept undecided visitors by offering benefits to newsletter subscribers. They can then be brought back to the site completely free of charge and encouraged to make a later purchase.

28% higher conversion rate

SEA Kampagnen und Klicks

We optimize your conversions

SEA Leistungsgrafik klicks conversions

Almost every click a conversion

A detailed keyword research is important for successful ads. Based on the results, we create (consultatively or in cooperation) optimized ad texts and keywords.

It is important that user expectations are met with display relevant content on the target pages. This is one of the main reasons for the quality factor, which should be as high as possible (Google Quality Score = keyword matches the display, target page and user expectations).

Then the control and optimization of the ads and the keywords, including keywords to exclude, the keyword options, the bidding strategy, attribution model, the CPC, etc. to maximize your profit.

Comparison of clicks and clicks with conversions

Clicks and conversion in harmony

SEA Klicks und Conversions im Vergleich

Development Clicks and CPC

A double positive effect: Increasing success with decreasing budget

SEA Leistungsgrafik Entwicklung Klicks und CPC

A successful optimization strategy can ultimately save costs while maintaining or increasing conversion rates.

In addition, the click-through rate also increases, while the costs decrease.

Short term Google Ads investments and calculable success for regular customers

Generate short-term investment and attention for long-term regular customers

More success and an ROI increase for expansion with a smaller click budget

Turbo-Boost to conquer the market for start-ups and established companies

Increase in visitor numbers, lead acquisition, sales transactions.

We help you to use your advertising budget even more efficiently

To succeed with Google Ads, it is important to know when a campaign is profitable and how to make it more profitable. Targeted use of tracking possibilities with Google Ads in combination with analytics allows you to define the exact goals, measure progress and optimize based on this data. In doing so, we have also learned to overcome the hurdles of the DSGVO and still track in compliance with data protection regulations.


  • Traffic and conversions accumulate over time
  • Permanent media budget not necessary
  • Success only possible after a longer period of time
  • Success difficult to measure


  • Traffic and conversions directly possible and successes quickly visible
  • Easier to scale and measure because keywords and click costs are known
  • Constant budget needed to generate traffic and conversions

We are at home in all relevant online marketing channels: not only in search engine optimization, but also in advertisements, it is the targeted and effective strategy that counts. We design and optimise your advertising measures in the digital environment in a sustainable and efficient manner – always keeping the objectives of fixed KPIs in mind.

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