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The multitude of possibilities in online marketing requires the right measures for your business goals. We are here to help you find the path that suits you and moves you forward.

Our workflow process


We research how these measures work best for your company individually.


We design a roadmap with the most promising measures for your company.


The determined measures are realized according to all rules of the art.


With professional tools we analyse the extent of success and orientate ourselves towards the most profitable measures for further optimization.


We research how these measures work best for your company individually.


We design a roadmap with the most promising measures for your company.


The defined measures are realised according to all rules of the art.


Using professional tools, we analyse the extent of success and focus on the most profitable measures for further optimisation.

Our solutions for you at a glance

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very extensive field of activity, in which we have been up to date and applying our know-how for 10 years now. This includes competent relaunch consulting, shop SEO, help with penalties as well as reporting and development.  The many different facets of SEO go beyond OnPage and OffPage optimization (definitions here). This requires excellent content and PR work, design and conversion optimization, social media and newsletter marketing, sometimes guerrilla marketing or growth hacking, and even product management. With our expertise and competent partners at our side for all promising marketing activities, we help you to achieve your goals. In doing so we focus on the most effective methods that will pay off. With the most powerful monitoring tools we keep an eye on the movements. Our SEO services include competent relaunch consulting, shop SEO, help with penalties as well as reporting and development.

Ad management
Social & Search Engine Advertising

To multiply the effect of organic search engine measures, ad management (SEA, PPC) offers a good complement to get closer to your business goals. Be it Google, Bing, Amazon or various social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube) – ads are present everywhere. Whether your goal is to increase visibility, accelerate organic growth or achieve market dominance: As a certified Google Ads Agency in Passau, Germany, we keep an eye on the trends in digital ads, have the right tools at hand and help with your advertising activities.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As a company there is no way around a presence in social media. We support you with your virtual presence outside your website. That means we identify the most promising social media platforms that are best suited to your company and your goals. Accordingly, we set up new accounts or help you to rebuild your professional social media presence. 


With a clear focus on your message, a high level of usability and your business objectives from the start in a great, modern design. When carrying out our web design projects, we not only implement the technical requirements, we also deliver the SEO tricks from one source. So not only the web design is programmed, we also take care of the complex requirements of search engines.


Optimization is only one part of successful online marketing, balancing the effects and readjusting measures accordingly is equally essential for your breakthrough. With your key performance indicators (KPIs) always in view, we can react early on to possible declines and take immediate countermeasures.

Online Marketing Consulting

You would like to take over the implementation yourself, but need the appropriate strategy or guidance? We will be happy to advise you. Our SEO consulting includes OnPage and OffPage SEO as well as monitoring and assistance in developing sustainable content. SEA and social media campaigns as well as appropriate KPIs should also be skilfully thought through. In this way, your marketing budget is used optimally and previously defined goals become measurable and feasible.

Training and Workshops

From strategic training to technical SEO training to editorial training, where you can learn all the important tricks for a lasting content strategy – SEO Bavaria offers individualized training and workshops at your site or in our offices.

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    SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and means search engine optimization. It is a rewarding form of inbound marketing (marketing in which the company does not approach customers, but lets customers find it on the Internet on search engines such as Google).

    More details about SEO can be found here

    Thanks to a well thought-out SEO strategy, your Internet presence, usually websites or online marketplace sites, is at the top of the relevant search engine terms. In this way you reach exactly those visitors who are currently looking for your offer. The conversion rate is therefore on average higher compared to other forms of marketing.

    SEO is a very complex subject area that must be continuously monitored and maintained. The advantage of an SEO agency is therefore the many years of experience, extensive and up-to-date specialist knowledge and the professional use of special SEO tools to get the best out of your company’s appearance. Furthermore, an SEO agency is usually flexible: services can be added without the need to hire a new employee.

    You can find more details here

    If your company operates in a highly competitive local industry and also depends on local customers, it is worthwhile to have a local SEO. We will find out quickly and without obligation whether this is the case. Your company will thus be displayed in the search engines before the competition among those people who are in the vicinity of your company.

    Read more about local SEO here

    Besides the manual penalty by Google, where you receive an email from the Google Search Quality Team, there is also an algorithmic penalty, which is not easily recognizable. With a special SEO ranking tool such as Sistrix, Searchmetrics or Rank Trackr, which are used by renowned SEO agencies, the apparent drop in ranking can be determined. With further tools such as LRT, Screaming Frog, Search Console, Copyscraper and a trained eye, the reasons for a Google penalty and possible solutions can be determined.

    Read more details about Google’s penalties and filters here

    While a natural link profile, unique content, an easily accessible site for the crawler and building your own brand have proven to be useful methods over time, there are also certain areas that change frequently. Since Google often adapts its guidelines, an SEO agency can best advise you which methods and techniques are preferred by Googlee & Co.

    Don’t panic. Don’t make the mistake of rebuilding the site immediately. The temptation is great, because the turnover often almost disappears. But with quick measures you throw the baby out with the bath water. Make sure you know what the cause was. If you are not sure after careful examination, carefully test the possible culprits. An SEO agency can help you to identify them and help you to make up for the loss of ranking as quickly as possible.