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Social media has long since grown out of its infancy. It is much more than that: Our mission is to achieve real corporate goals for our customers. Not only followers and a larger audience, you also generate more traffic to your website, more leads and higher revenues.

On which channels is your target group active?

There are channels for your messages like sand at the sea. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr… But which channel is right for you? What does the perfect social media marketing mix look like for your company?

Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Xing and Co.

  • Social Media Marketing Passau HandyFacebook is currently the most used social network. This means an enormous potential, at the same time the competitive pressure is higher than with other social networks.
  • Instagram’s interaction rates are particularly high compared to other networks. In general, Instagram has a comparatively young and lifestyle-affine target group.
  • For B2B companies Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter are also the best options. We can help you select the right networks for your individual company.
  • Relationship networks such as Facebook also offer brands an opportunity to communicate with users on a personal level.  In addition, fans and followers can quickly become well-funded customers.

Blogger and Influencer-Relations

  • Social MEdia Marketing Passau SEO Bavaria Shopping womenInfluencer Relations: Depending on your goals and products, Influencer Marketing is suitable for your company. They speak the language of your recipients and have earned a reputation in their respective fields. We build a successful partnership – so you benefit from an additional trust bonus from your target group.
  • Blogger Relations: We not only help you with your own blogs, but also build relationships with other bloggers. This can be done by providing exclusive content that can be sensibly prepared for bloggers, such as products for testing or prizes for competitions.

Youtube and Social Video Marketing

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  • Videos are faster, more direct, more entertaining, and convey greater closeness to the sender than mere text.
  • Platforms like YouTube were invented for social video sharing. But other social networks also follow suit and show where the journey is headed, e.g. Facebook Live, Tiktok, Snapchat or Instagram TV.
  • We accompany you not only in selecting the right platforms and creating the content, but also in the subsequent distribution of the content and maintenance of the channels.

The social media services on offer are diverse and new ones are constantly being added. Of course, we also offer social media marketing on other channels such as Twitter, Xing or LinkedIn. We are always on the lookout for new suitable channels and advise you on what is the right mix for you and your company. An optimal social media appearance is supplemented and supported by social ads. While social media is well suited for customer retention due to its interactive nature, interest-based advertising is particularly suitable for winning new customers. This combination offers good possibilities for scaling.

We advise you competently on the following topics

  • Social Media strategy
  • New conception of appearances
  • Further development of existing appearances
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable channels
  • Creation of/consulting on relevant content
  • Influencer relations
  • Community Management Consulting
  • Seeding of content on the Internet
  • Monitoring of the dialogue
  • Analysis and performance measurement
  • Ongoing optimization of strategy

Finding the Right Social Media Strategy

Facebook & Co. is not just about advertising your services. Rather, these communication channels are used by customers to inquire, exchange information and express criticism. This openness brings many advantages for your company, but also requires a good instinct for the community and its wishes. A presence on the social networks should therefore be carefully planned and thought through.

We find out where and with which messages you best reach your target group on the social web, what moves your target group and which content works best. Thus, the measures are always in line with the overall corporate strategy.

Editorial creation of articles

At the content level, we create exciting topic series and amounts and keep an eye on current topics and trends and take them up. Today, everything revolves around attention. Only really good content posted with the right timing can attract attention. The content must be tailored to the target groups. An editorial plan not only provides the necessary overview but also a lead time.

Community management for long-term customer loyalty

Through permanent exchange with your fans you will gain authenticity and identification in the long run. We determine with you in which framework and to what extent we interact almost in real time. This includes an intensive exchange with the fans through likeness, sharing or commenting as well as monitoring and responding to feedback. In addition, we know the respective choice of words on the social media channels and recognize critical topics in advance and can ban them in good time.

Through social media more attention and traffic to your website

If they are interested, some of the users not only visit your social media account, but also your website afterwards. Therefore, social media are well suited to increase the traffic to your own website.
In this way, you can even reach a completely new target group to which you have not yet had any contact.
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Social media activities can be used also integrated skillfully for SEO measures

A skilful use of social media, for example, also brings significant advantages for SEO or PR. Conversely, PR actions can be taken up again in social media appearances. Corporate blogs, for example, are not only helpful for winning new customers and providing interesting content for existing customers, but also have a positive effect on search engine rankings – because Google and Co. love to be fed with new, high-quality content. We use synergy effects between the individual channels and measures, so the measures support and complement each other.

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Social media are very target-group-specific. This avoids high wastage and saves considerable costs. By offering a wide range of possibilities for successful corporate communication, customer loyalty and loyalty are simultaneously increased in the long term. You will receive an initial assessment of your best chances on the market from us free of charge and without obligation.

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