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SEO Analysis

Extensive and comprehensive analysis of your on-and off-page factors: We check and highlight any optimization potential with the aim of reaching and addressing your target groups as efficiently as possible. We look at all the relevant metrics and factors such as current programming, site structure, and opportunities for effective off-page SEO, and sometimes usability and conversion optimization too, taking into account in each case the current status of performance indicators, your business goals and your competition.

Consultation/strategy identification

How can I reach my target group and how can my target group reach me? Will I be found? What are my chances? Display advertising, organic search results, Google Shopping, Places, via Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Pinterest? And with what content and products can I approach my target group? How can my offline presence also be used online?

We will answer all relevant questions on optimal and cost-effective positioning, and find a customized online marketing strategy for your company and your range of goods and services. Working closely with online and offline media agencies and specialists, we offer a rounded concept for an effective presence.

You can get an initial assessment of your best market opportunities from us free of charge and without any obligation.

We look forward to your questions!

SEO Consulting & strategy identification
OnPage optimization
On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the first step to a successful ranking. It encompasses everything from content optimization and an integrated content marketing strategy, through search engine-compliant preparation and technical aspects, to smooth accessibility for crawlers. Depending on your preferences we will:
– create concepts for you and act as your advisers,
– write a step-by-step guide to remodeling your pages for you (including change control and support), or
– make the changes for you.

These are just some of the technical and strategic aspects that we analyze and optimize:
structure and design of the page, doc type, charset, meta and title tags, correct application of rich snippets, proper use of internal linking, 404 pages and redirects, robots.txt, crawl stats, sitemaps, meaningful and search engine-friendly integrated text, images and video, and more. Content in the right form and quality.

Off-page optimization

Just recently, Google officially confirmed that referrals are still a strong criterion for the evaluation of websites. Without qualified external links, it is practically impossible to achieve superior rankings in competitive markets. At the same time it has never been more important to have the right links and to stay away from spam.

Content marketing and first-class linkbait are both vital, as is intensive and meticulous research using the best analysis tools. We will ensure first-class referrals that will bring you direct visitors and increase your reputation with Google for top rankings.

Verweise_OffPage Optimierung
development in SEO is essential
Ongoing development

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy: Measures are gradually introduced, slowly unfold, and affect search results over a long period, in the case of niches often for many years.

Ongoing development is the solution of choice in search engine optimization. We offer this in our all-inclusive package, which will be tailored to your business and conditions in your sector. On your behalf, we will keep an eye out for every opportunity, trend and effect, react appropriately to changes, new opportunities in your industry and on Google, and help your company achieve the best-possible positioning in the medium and long term.

First-aid for ranking losses

Sudden de-indexation, a penalty or a painful ranking loss can have many different causes. In most cases the result is the same, however: The event will have a significantly negative effect on your business.

We have a lot of experience in quickly finding the cause, and depending on its nature fixing it or initiating measures that will restore the rankings as quickly as possible and allow you and your business to move forward again.

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SEO fist aid in case of ranking losses

You can naturally reach us anytime by phone, e-mail or also in person. We will assign you a single contact person to answer all your questions.


You can book technical and editorial training courses with us, which can take place in-house, via video-conference or by phone. These can booked individually or included in ongoing service packages.
• SEO training – strategic
• SEO training – technical
• SEO Training – editorial
• SEO Training – all-rounder

SEO Schulungen
Reporting and development

You will receive detailed and constantly updated overviews of rankings and visitor numbers in monthly or quarterly ranking reports. These not only show current positions, they also provide precise and detailed information on the behavior of your visitors: We provide information on the points at which visitors leave the site without buying anything or getting in touch, depending on the objectives of your site.

With this data you can monitor the success of your online marketing strategy and alter it at certain points in order to achieve maximum success for your product and company. Small changes to the menu or graphical elements often prove highly successful. Once again here, we’re happy to advise you.

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