Here you will find an overview of the SEO and Online Marketing events we have attended in recent years.

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Past Events in 2019

SEO Bavaria on SEOkomm

Whether for SEO specialists, web marketing professionals or content producers - we bring content that is immediately applicable.

The topics and speakers are selected by the SEOkomm Advisory Board. Top-class lectures are thus guaranteed. SEOkomm offers basic knowledge for beginners as well as tips and insights for professionals and advanced users.

There are no purchased lecture slots at SEOkomm. Each session serves the transfer of knowledge. This is our personal concern!

Link: seokomm.at

Recaps in our blog: seo-bavaria.de/blog/

Past Events in 2017

SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC - These and other abbreviations are inevitably used to optimize your website. But what is behind it is treated like a well-kept secret. We reveal it and present the terms, their fields of application and relevance for entrepreneurs. We will deal with websites as well as eCommerce. From the contents:

When does search engine optimization bring you advantages and when can you ignore "SEO"?
How and what is searched?
How do I determine my chances?
Google, Bing or Co.?
How do I judge competitors?
What does Google do today?
Aim of the event: In a lecture the terms and basics of search engine optimization and online advertising will be explained. Participants should then be familiar with the technical terms when deciding on SEO measures to promote their company and be able to better weigh up the relevance of individual measures on this basis.

Link: forum-kreativwirtschaft.de

When and where: 
20 July, 19 o'clock in the Degginger, Regensburg

To what extent is SEO indispensable for many industries and companies? What are the basic technical requirements? Which strategies will ultimately attract the right visitors to the site? SEO Bavaria GmbH provides insights into modern search engine optimization.

When and where: 24. April - 19:00 - Degginger, Regensburg

Past Events in 2016

When. When? Saturday, 12 March and Sunday, 13 March 2016, tba

Where: Campixx Week, Berlin

What's it about? What do I have to consider when using Canonical Tags?

More information under: campixx.de/seo-campixx/

Recap at https://www.seo-bavaria.de/blog/recap-seo-campixx16/


Past Events in 2015

SEOkomm 2015

SEOkomm 2015

When? Friday, 20 November 2015

Where: Exhibition centre "brandboxx", Salzburg

What's it about? Interesting lectures on the subject of SEO.

More information under: 

SEO Campixx 2016


When: March 14 and 15 2015

Where: SEO Campixx, Berlin

What's it about: SEO and Online Marketing Conference