Was ist SEO1

What is SEO?

What is search engine optimization actually?

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is …

an inbound marketing form. This is marketing in which the company does not approach the customers, but lets customers find it. This makes sense when you consider that the majority of website visitors come via the results of search engines; here in Germany, 91.2% currently use the Google search engine (as of January 2014).

Newer search habits

Google’s search results have become so satisfying that statistically, no one ever reads further than the third page, few Google users beyond the first page. If the user does not find what he is looking for here, he prefers to adjust the search query. Depending on the search query, most searchers will find what they are looking for among the first results. With the mobile search, practically all clicks go to the first search result.

Types of search queries

We distinguish between 3 types of searches: navigational (e.g. for a specific place or a specific company), informational (i.e. for information) and transactional searches (which intend to take action, e.g. make a purchase or contact). Recently, a 4th type of search has been added: the conversational search, which was made possible by Google’s Hummingbird Update (hummingbird) and by the changed search habits of young users to ask whole sentences or questions at Google and follow-up questions: to have a conversation with Google in a certain way.

Advantages of SEO

What can be achieved through search engine optimization: If you are ahead in the search results for the right terms, experience shows that the number of visitors increases many times over. The visitors are actually interested. No wonder, after all they have actively searched for you. Whether your company is locally or regionally oriented here in Passau, nationally or for the entire German-speaking area, search engine optimization brings customers to your company. It is not always frequently searched terms that actually generate the desired sales, but often many different very concretely expressed search queries bring the sales or contacts via the website.

How does Google work?

To understand how to get ahead on Google, you first need to understand how Google searches and rates the web:


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