How long does SEO take? When does my website rank?

Patience is required. A stable ascent in the search results cannot be forced overnight. However, if the SEO is well done, your website will remain on the first places of the result lists for a longer period of time. The so-called “organic” search results are free on Google and good places cannot be bought. Rather, Google wants to offer its users good and informative content. How this fact can work for your site depends on factors on the page (OnPage – including optimization of structure, content and programming) and on external factors (OffPage – number, quality and type of different links to your site).

Start-up Consulting:

The sooner the better! As an Internet start-up, an integrated online marketing strategy is crucial. The sooner this strategy is worked out, the better your company can react to market opportunities. If you already include online marketing in your planning, important resources will be saved. Taking into account your business plan and the market conditions in your industry, all possibilities of online marketing should be used. With the results you can work out a target-oriented strategy and position your company profitably.

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